Because the limited space for big antennas, we choice for maximum bands with minimum antenna size. All our antennas are working verry well and are build with good quality materials. We used a 20 meter high aluminium crank-up and raising tower. Antenna works can be from ground level !


  • Comet GP-95 : 3band colinear (2m/70cm/23cm)
  • Comet CX-901 : 3band colinear (2m/70cm/23cm)
  • Grauta 9 element 2 meter yagi (horizontal polarisation)
  • Flexayagi 13 element 70cm yagi (vertical polarisation)
  • Joachims YA130021 : 21 element 23cm yagi (vertical polarisation)
  • Cushcraft A627013S :3 element horizontal 6 meter yagi, 5element vertical 2 meter yagi and 5 element vertical 70 cm beam on the same boom
  • Kelemen dipole antenna for 80 and 40 meter
  • EASLP160S : 1/8 Sloper 160m
  • Cuscraft MA5B 5 band HF Yagi